DysList, a list of dyslexic errors annotated with linguistic, phonetic and visual features. Presented 2016 at the LREC conference: Rauschenberger, Maria; Rello, Luz; Füchse, Silke & Thomaschewski, Jörg. 2016. A Language Resource of German Errors Written by Children with Dyslexia. Proc. LREC 2016. Portorož (Slovenia), 23-28, May.

Abstract out of the paper from the LREC Conference

"In this paper we present a language resource for German, composed of a list of 1,021 unique errors extracted from a collection of texts written by people with dyslexia. The errors were annotated with a set of linguistic characteristics as well as visual and phonetic features. We present the compilation and the annotation criteria for the different types of dyslexic errors. This language resource has many potential uses since errors written by people with dyslexia reflect their difficulties. For instance, it has already been used to design language exercises to treat dyslexia in German. To the best of our knowledge, this is first resource of this kind in German."

This resource musst be cited with the DOI 10.5281/zenodo.809801